plant app this plant app was created for fun in some spare time. the goal of the app is to add some personality to your plant. in addition, you can check what plants your friends have or discover new plants which might be interested for the user. the purpose for creating this app was to […]


leadscore leadscore is a crm platform. sjennon was the single designer in a developer dominant team and therefore in charge of the design of the entire crm product. use cases were created based on business and user requirements. validation was collected through user interviews and small email surveys. roleproduct designer releasejanuary 2016

mount nutrition

mount nutrition a powerful brand deserves a powerful image. by using bright colors against a dark base speaks energy and power with a certain type of sweaty luxury. hand-in-hand with the choice of colors, the creation the bold statements “this is” and “we are”, fuels determination and assertiveness from within the brand into the consumer. […]