creative digital design with a product and ux/ui expertise

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everything you can imagine is real

product design

creating eyecandy products and finding the sweet spot between the needs of the business and of the user.

ux/ui design

forging smooth flows and exploring ways for the user to interact as intuitively possible with your product.

design systems

taming your design library and creating one source of truth and consistency for (a team of) designers to take and use.

peek into a designer's competencies

respecting, following and creating design processes, understanding user needs, creating and validating solutions, strategic thinking, identifying opportunities, scaling products, finding and solving problems, voicing ideas and more!

blood, sweat and tears

walking the path of design since 2015.

several detours in branding, merchandising and offline products, to end up in digital-, product and ux/ui design.

behind the screen


date of birth
never ask a lady her age

physical location
berlin, germany

mental location
anywhere in the world, preferably sunny

food, cool and new business ideas, meeko the cat, smart home gadgets, cozy and big sweaters

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